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dirt roadAs a community/educational radio station, WRGY has an ongoing need for volunteers. Volunteers can contribute any amount of time they have available, and most volunteer work is flexible and can accommodate even busy schedules. Here are a few examples:

Expanding the Music Library: most of the music heard on WRGY has been entered into the music library by WRGY staff or donated by community members. We accept music in CD and digital audio formats, and we can train volunteers how to convert their favorite CDs to digital audio, which they can then play on their portable devices. It’s a great “win-win”: volunteers learn a new skill and make their favorite music more accessible, and WRGY is able to offer new music to listeners.

Covering Community Events: volunteers can help represent and promote WRGY at community events. We can also train them to use a portable digital recorder so they can interview attendees at these events to create short pieces for later broadcast.

Creating New “Local Flare” Programming: one of WRGY’s ongoing objectives is to offer programming that educates listeners about the Rangeley region and/or reflects the interests of community members. We can train volunteers to bring their own (or others’) creative programming ideas from concept to reality.

Helping with Fundraising Efforts: like any non-commercial radio station, WRGY relies on underwriters and individual supporters for the majority of its revenue. Volunteers are always needed to assist with existing fundraising activities and to help design new ones.

These are only a few examples. If you would like to get involved with community radio and help it thrive in the Rangeley region, please contact us at: 207-864-9749, or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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