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Iris Ramirez

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Hello Hello everyone! My name is Iris Ramirez and I am a college student studying Music and Arts, Culture, and Entertainment Management at The University of Tulsa. I have been singing and enjoying music from a young age and recently just took the initiative to start learning more about the audio/radio world both in school and through volunteering oppurtunities. In April of 2021, I started my podcast (which you may hear on the station from time to time) called "Recipes for Disaster." Each episode I have new guests where we talk about times in our lives where we felt like a disaster. Each episode also includes some form of a recipe that corresponds with my or my guest's story, so get ready to try some new foods. 

When I'm not in Rangeley, Maine you can find me in my hometown El Paso, Texas or my college town Tulsa, Oklahoma. Being born and raised in El Paso has given me plenty of exposure to all sorts of culturally diverse music and a bigger insight into people's life stories. I enjoy getting to know new people and advocating for the idea to do what you love. Some of my other hobbies other than music/singing are spending time with my cat Rivea, reading, and bullet journaling. My favorite music artist is Young Mister (you should give him a try sometime) and my favorite song by him would have to be "Keep My Mind Off of You."

Although this is technically my Volunteer profile I would love to know more about you! Send me some of your disasterous stories or just some fun facts about yourself. Maybe we can be pals! 

Thanks for reading and taking some time to get to know me! Stay tuned in to WRGY and Recipes for Disaster for more of my messy yet loving life stories.


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