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Volunteer Profile: Hudson DeRaps

Hudson Studio 01

Hello, my name is Hudson DeRaps and I’m the host of the Indie Informant and The Sunday Sit Down.

I have been interested in radio from a young age. I have always loved story telling and storytellers.       That said, when you add musical component, it adds another level to your story telling. Hopping in a car and tuning in to a radio show (Talk or music programs) is just great experience. If done right, the host can put you right in the story. So when I found out that Rangeley was getting a radio station, I was thrilled.

The first major thing I was involved with for the station was a school music show. It was dedication hour that turned into an hour where a student would DJ for an hour. A self-produced comedy show followed.

My friend Jake Simonds and I hosted this show. We talked about current events and things that happened in our everyday lives. We also played 3 songs a show. It was so much fun and a great way to spend a few hours. While Jake had to return to Oregon by the time the next summer came around, I continued the show for the next 2 summers with Dylan Eustis and Gunnar Johnson.

Now to one of my current shows. The Indie Informant has been on the air for 3 years now and doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. The show is one hour long and focuses on indie music (who would of thought). New shows air Fridays at 9 and reruns air Saturday at 9. We have two different styles of shows, a playlist style where a bunch of different artists are featured. And then there is a featured artist style, where only one artist is featured.

My latest show is the Sunday Sit Down. It is a show where we listen to a full album front to back. It features rotating co-hosts and myself. The show’s range from one hour to two hours. After listening to the album we discuss what we liked, what we didn’t, and more. The genre of music goes from dream pop to classic rock to EDM and more!  

Also I have hosted three New Years Shows with a fourth on the way. Which is a hybrid of the Indie Informant, the talk shows and was part of the inspiration behind the Sunday sit down.

Being a part of WRGY has been amazing. They give total control of your show. It is phenomenal that I get to share great indie music with the town I grew up in, the place where I found a lot of these artists. I could not be prouder to be a part of this station.

If you want to stay up to date on the Indie Informant, Sunday Sit Down, or anything else I do, follow these accounts to get up to date info.



Doug Clive

DougWell hello WRGY fans! My name is Doug Clive and I host “Doug’s Variety Hour” on Monday morning’s at 9:00 AM.

Recently I was asked to give a little bio about myself and what led me to get involved in the fun of local community radio.

Well I was born with a toy microphone in my crib. Just kidding! Truthfully, I was never involved with community radio before I came to WRGY a little over a year ago. Now it may sound strange but my career in radio started back in 1965 at Cambridge School of Broadcasting in Cambridge MA. Ending a year later when I found out how you might starve waiting for that big break when someone heard your voice and decided that you might be good for their station ratings. I should also mention that during this time I was involved with several garage bands, as they were called back then, by the names of “The Van dells” and “The Bourbons” and finally a group called “The Cape Cod Minstrels” which had professional singers and did standards and Christy Minstrels tunes.

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Volunteer Profile Pam

pamphotoThanks For Giving!

Hey everyone….it’s Thanksgiving time and WRGY wants to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated volunteers, and to let our audiences meet them through our Volunteer Profiles. These folks truly have the Giving Spirit, spending many hours in various roles, helping WRGY stay up-to-date, entertaining and On the Air. We literally could not do it without them. We Thank Them….and hope their energy and commitment will inspire you to Be A Volunteer for WRGY!

We start off our list of volunteers with Pamela Nobbs and we’ll head straight to the interview. Here’s Pam!

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