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Volunteer Profile Pam

pamphotoThanks For Giving!

Hey everyone….it’s Thanksgiving time and WRGY wants to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated volunteers, and to let our audiences meet them through our Volunteer Profiles. These folks truly have the Giving Spirit, spending many hours in various roles, helping WRGY stay up-to-date, entertaining and On the Air. We literally could not do it without them. We Thank Them….and hope their energy and commitment will inspire you to Be A Volunteer for WRGY!

We start off our list of volunteers with Pamela Nobbs and we’ll head straight to the interview. Here’s Pam!

So Pam…Tell us about yourself!

I'm a native Maine-ah and grew up in Waterville. My family is a group of outdoor addicts, so I got to hunt, fish, hike, ski, sail, climb and generally romp in the playground that is my beautiful state and elsewhere. I moved full time to Rangeley around 2003 and married the famous Ronnie Nobbs in 2009.
I spend a lot of time at the beautiful gym at the Rangeley Health and Wellness Pavilion, where the view alone is worth the membership! Artwork, cooking, and projects around the old farmhouse occupy a lot of my spare time. My day job is at Rangeley Lakes Builders Supply, where I design kitchens and bathrooms and provide flooring options for homes in our area. I love what I do for a living.

How long have you been volunteering for the station? What kind of volunteer work have you done for the station (interview, programming, etc)?

I think I started about 3 years ago with WRGY. I've done a bunch of recorded messages, including Underwriter spots, have helped with the station's Facebook postings and have had some input on the updated website. I record and edit interviews with people at area events, which the station shares on air. For about a year I've served on the Board, which makes decisions about the station's day-to-day and long-term activities.

How did you get interested? Did you have any radio experience that started it all?

The man who spends the most time at the station, Derek Wendelken, works many, many hours programming what you hear at 90.5FM. And he does more than you know behind the scenes, pulling together all the parts that make the station work. Derek and I talked a few years back about my past experience doing TV and radio spots for an employer in Presque Isle. He invited me to record some spots for WRGY. From there, he showed me how to perform some of the basic programming (it's all digital, and very interesting!). I covered the station for a couple of weeks when he was on vacation. Great experience.

Was it hard to learn the specific volunteer "duties"? Did you feel comfortable with the tasks as described?

Lots of people involved with WRGY are enthusiastic about passing on their experience to “newbies”. It's challenging and really rewarding to learn about programming, to work with the group to find fresh ideas, to attend local events and get comfortable asking questions of strangers, and getting familiar with recording equipment. There's absolutely no pressure and plenty of support. And no need for any past experience with radio.

What other types of volunteer work do you see WRGY still needing ? What would you say to someone wanting to volunteer for WRGY?

There's a passel of things that volunteers can do for the station. Coverage for local sporting events. Getting news from the school, the town office, the mountain, non-profit organizations. Finding ways to bring local news to the air and on Facebook, office-type work with computer files, getting input from people about what they want from their community radio station, developing new programs, editing recordings, learning to do all the daily programming...I can think of about a million things that volunteers could do. Anyone, any age, experienced at radio or not at all. We have in mind some big events and activities for the future, and we'll need all the help we can get!

Anything you want to say about volunteering? Is it fun?

Volunteering at WRGY is fun. And it's challenging. If you've been curious about what goes on behind the scene at a radio station, this is a friendly and casual way to get involved. Derek and Ernie Gurney are the two folks that arrange all that you hear when you listen to WRGY. They're the best at making the learning experience fun. Volunteering supports what they do, but there's so much more! The sky is really the limit for this local station. WRGY can be whatever Rangeley wants it to be. By volunteering, you can be part of shaping the future for this little community radio station.


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