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Doug Clive

DougWell hello WRGY fans! My name is Doug Clive and I host “Doug’s Variety Hour” on Monday morning’s at 9:00 AM.

Recently I was asked to give a little bio about myself and what led me to get involved in the fun of local community radio.

Well I was born with a toy microphone in my crib. Just kidding! Truthfully, I was never involved with community radio before I came to WRGY a little over a year ago. Now it may sound strange but my career in radio started back in 1965 at Cambridge School of Broadcasting in Cambridge MA. Ending a year later when I found out how you might starve waiting for that big break when someone heard your voice and decided that you might be good for their station ratings. I should also mention that during this time I was involved with several garage bands, as they were called back then, by the names of “The Van dells” and “The Bourbons” and finally a group called “The Cape Cod Minstrels” which had professional singers and did standards and Christy Minstrels tunes.

Times were good but I needed to make a living So, I started a career in banking.

During the garage band years we kept chasing the star like all bands waiting for that certain person to come along and say “I’m going to make you boys a star” but it never happened. So life started to get serious and I stayed with banking for most of my adult life.

I should mention at this point that for the last forty five years my wife and I have vacationed in Rangeley on and off and we decided to make it our permanent home about 3 years ago. It was about that time I was looking up local events when I went online and looked up WRGY radio looking for information about the station.

It said there were no openings at the time for paying jobs but volunteers were always welcome. So over the next several months I hemd and hawed should I get involve or not. Well several days later I peeked in the window at the station and there was a tall guy waiving me to come in. He came around and opened the door at The Friends of The Arts Building and said “Come on in” and welcomed my wife and I in for a tour of the station. It was at that time I asked if they needed any volunteers to which he replied “what would you like to do? We’re always looking for good talent”. So I told him I liked the kind of show that played the “Good Stuff, Oldies, Country, Comedy and some of the Crooners and Pop” the kind of show that maybe had some “the man on the street interviews” or anything else that was fun or funny. Derek, who turns out is the station manager, said “sound interesting put something together”.  

So, I went home and practiced on my computer and from things I had learned being in bands I put together a microphone and headphones and low in behold I created CD 1 “Doug’s Variety Hour.” I’ve been hooked on doing the show now for about a year plus. It’s a blast!

My wife and I even represented WRGY by go out and mingle with the folks during an event. I handled the interviews and my wife gave out the handouts. People are a lot of fun when they think they are ON THE AIR. Little do they know we’re having as much fun as they are.

I’d recommend it to everyone. In fact I would say if you ever had a thought about “what would it be like to be on the radio” come see what it’s like! You might surprise yourself.

Remember “Step right up to the Microphone.” and say “Hi! My name is _____ and your listening to WRGY 90.5 on your FM dial located here in down town Rangeley”




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